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  1. Nine Piano Miniatures  (12 minutes) | 1979

  2. Hikali-marimba solo (10 minutes) | 1983

  3. In Memoriam George Rochberg - piano solo (8 minutes) | 2005

  4. 4 short pieces for 2 hands for piano solo - commissioned by Network for New Music (4 minutes) | 2007, first performed Feb 29,2008 Symphony Space NYC by Stephen Gosling



  1. Dances for Isadora (30 minutes) - Commissioned by Essen Philharmonie | 2005, first performed 5/25 2005,Essen Germany,Mona and Rica Bard-pianists

  2. Double Helix - Commissioned by San Marino Piano Competition (6 minutes) | 2010

  3. 8 Miniatures for piano duo - for Jenny Lin (10 minutes) | 2015

For 2 Pianos

1)Dream Sequence | for 4 recorders (15 minutes) | 1983


2)Lunatic | for violin, cello, flute, clarinet, piano and percussion - Commissioned by Seattle Chamber Players (14 minutes) | 2002, first performed in Seattle 4/14/02


3)6 Pieces for Relache - Commissioned by Relache (18 minutes) | 2004, first performed  at Philadelphia Prince Theatre 5/26/04


4)Trio |for piano, violin and cello - Commissioned by the Savannah Music Festival (12 minutes) | 2005, first performed by Beaux Arts Trio 3/30/05 in Savannah, Georgia


5)Ofaqim | for piano, percussion, trumpet, voice and electronics - Commissioned by Ravenna festival (30 minutes) | 2005, first performed 7/13/05 in Ravenna, Italy


6)12 Caprices | for String Quartet - Commissioned by WDR Radio,Koln,Germany for the Arditti String Quartet (60 minutes) | 2009, first recorded june 22/24/09 in Koln, Germany


7)4 pieces | for String quartet and piano -commisioned by Jazztopad festival and Lutoslawski quartet and (20 minutes) | 2011, first performed 11/27/11 in Wroclaw, Poland


8)5 String Theories for string quartet and piano(2012)-commissoned by Stuttgart Jazz Festival and Sirius St Qt and first performed April 8,2012,Stuttgart(26 minutes)


9)Jagged Edges(2013)-commisioned by Banff(Afiara Quartet) first performed January 17,2014 Banff,Canada,(28 minutes)


10)Soundings(2013) -clarinet and piano(15 minutes)


11)Friend(2014)-for clarinet in Bb,violin and piano-commisioned by Network for New Music and first performed Temple University,Philadelphia,April 3,2014(5 minutes)


12) Caprice 13(2014)-for string quartet and piano commissioned by the WDR and first performed by the Arditti Quartet,Witten Germany  May 10,2014(5 minutes)

13)3 Inventions (2015)-for cello and piano commissioned by Mario Brunello and first performed january 25,2015 in Naples ,Italy w/ Mario Brunello and Uri Caine(10 minutes)


14)The Book of Days(2015)-for saxophone quartet and piano commissioned by Prism quartet and Live Connections and first performed World Cafe,Philadelphia 4/16/15(28 minutes)


15)Knucklehead(2016)-for string quartet and piano commissioned by NFM and first performed by the Lutoslawski Quartet in Wroclaw,Poland,11/5/15(7 minutes)

Chamber Music

1)The Flood (2000)(for orchestra)-Commissioned by Vienna Volksoper and first performed as the ballet Sintflut 6/16/2000,Vienna Volksoper(16 minutes)


2)Code Blue-(2005) (for piano trio and orchestra-)Commissioned by London Jazz Festival and BBC Orchestra and first performed 11/20/ 2005,London,Robert Ziegler conductor.(24 minutes)


3) Double Piano Concerto(2006)(for 2 piano soloists and chamber orchestra-commissioned by Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra and first performed 5/20/ 2006,Los Angeles with Jeffrey Kahane(28 minutes)


4)4 Directions (2006)for trumpet,piano and Orchestra-commissioned by Radio Svizzerra and Orchestra first performed  February 2007 in Lugano,Switzerland(28 minutes)


5)3 Mosaics (2007)for piano and chamber orchestra-commissioned by Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra first performed in May 2007 LA(25 minutes)


6)Double Trouble(2007) (16 minutes)for piano and chamber orchestra-commissioned by American Composers Orchestra and first performed February 8,2008 Zankel Hall NYC,David Alan Miller ,conductor(15 minutes)


7)Motormouth-(2008)-piano and chamber orchestra(4 minutes)-commissioned br Sinfonia Viva and first performed October 21,2008,Manchester,England,Andre de Ridder conductor(5 minutes)


8)Concerto for Viola da gamba and string orchestra(2008)commissioned by B'Rock and first performed December 7,2008 Concertgebouw, Amsterdam with Vittorio Ghielmi(16 minutes)


9)Dolomiti Suite(2009)-commissioned by Suoni del Dolomito festival and first performed july 20 09 w/Virtuosi Italiani (20 minutes)


10)3 Scenes from Childhood(2010)(28 minutes)-Commissioned by Halle Orchestra and first performed March 5 2010 Manchester,England Mark Elder conductor(25 minutes)


11)Aria for Piano and Orchestra(2010)-Commissioned by San Marino Piano Competition 2010(8 minutes)


12)Danube Dreams(2012)-commissioned by the Festspiele Europäische Wochen Passau for the Wiener Concert-Verein Chamber Orchestra  and Alessandro Travaglini(basset horn) and Vittorio Ghielmi(viola da gamba) and first performed July 1,2012,Passau Germany(16 minutes)


13)Amusements for Piano and string orchestra(2012)-commissioned by Philippe Bachmann and first performed in Yerevan,Armenia July 27,2012(25 minutes)


14)In Memoriam (2013)for String orchestra and soprano-commisioned by Polish Ministry of Culture and first performed in Warsaw by Auksa orchestra,Marek Mos (conductor) and Joanna Freszel (soprano)(30 minutes)



 15)The Passion of Octavius Catto(2014) for orchestra,improvising piano,gospel singer  and gospel choir-commissioned by Mann Music Center and Pew and first performed by Philadelphia Orchestra,Andre Raphel(cond),Freedom Festival Community Choir,Barbara Walker, July 19,2014-Philadelphia,PA(30 minutes)


16)Sunburst(2014)for piano and orchestra;commissioned by Naples(Florida) Philharmonic,and first performed December 11,2014 in Naples Florida,Andrey Boryeko conducting(25 minutes)


17)Double Trouble II(2015)-for piano and orchestra-commissioned by the American Composers Orchestra and first performed April 9,2015-Rose Theatre,NYC (Jazz at Lincoln Center) w/George Manahan conductor(18 minutes)


18)Hamsa(2015) for Flute,Piano,violin solo and String orchestra-commissioned by Swedish Chamber ensemble Thomas Daussgaard conducting first performed December 10,2015,Orebro, Sweden(28 minutes)



19)Four Wunderhorn Songs(2017)for soprano and orchestra-commissioned by Heidelberg Music Festival and first performed 4/22/17 with Claudia Barainsky(soprano)and Kristjan Jaarvi (conductor)and the SWR Stuttgart Radio Symphony Orchestra


20)Agent Orange(2017)for orchestra and 4 improvisers,commissioned by the Brussels Philharmonic and first performed  January 18,2018 in Brussels with Alex Hanson conductor 


1) I Can Sing what i like(2003)for singer and chamber ensemble.first performed by Cristina Zavalonni (7 minutes)


2)Othello Syndrome(2003)(for chamber group , singers and electronics-Commissioned by Venice Biennale and first performed Venice 9/2/ 2003.(70 minutes)


3) 4 Songs from the Goya Project-(2008)-Commisioned by Granada Festival and first performed Granada June 21,2008(15 minutes)


4)Lamentations-(2010)Commisioned by Stuttgart festival and first performed September 10,2010 with Cristina zavalonni,Carmen Linares,Barbara Walker(60 minutes)


5)Mortalis Sonans(2010)Commisioned by Stuttgart festival for Rilke ensemble and first performed September 9,2010(10 minutes)


6)Moonsongs(2012)Commissioned by Schoenberg Center for 100th anniversary of Pierrot Lunaire and first performed October 17,2012 Konzerthaus,Vienna(60 minutes)


1)Round Midnight Variation-piano solo(2000)(3 minutes)recorded by Emanuele Arcuili on Stradivarius 33898


2)Diabelli Variations(2001)(for piano and chamber orchestra -Commissioned by Kempen music festival and Concerto Koln and first performed 6/4/ 2001,Kempen Germany-(50 minutes)


3)Variations on a Theme of Handel(2004)(for piano and chamber orchestra)Commissioned by Basel Chamber Orchestra and first performed Basel,10/17/2004 -(35 minutes)


4)3 Pieces after Donizetti for Piano and Orchestra-(2009))commissioned by Teatro Donizetti/Bergamo Italy and first performed Teatro Sociale,Bergamo,May 23,2009 with Carlo Tenan,conductor(20 minutes)


5)Honeysuckle Rose(2011)-for piano solo -commissioned by Jenny Lin and recorded NYC January 2012(5 minutes)


6)2 Pieces from Iberia(2014) for chamber orchestra and piano-commissioned and first performed by Cordoba Symphony Orchestra conducted by Lorenzo Ramos,June 6,2014 Cordoba,Spain(10 minutes)


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